Step 1 - Hire A Real Estate Professional.  

This is your biggest investment most likely and why take chances? From an accountant to your family doctor, you need to do your research.  Start by -

  • Ask your family and friends for referrals.  Who have they worked with that they would recommend? 
  • Look for someone who is knowledgeable about the area your home is located in because you are not just selling your home you are also selling the location.  
  •  Ask questions during your interview of the agent or broker. Refer to "Five Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent."


Step 2 - Listing Agreement.  

Now that you have chosen who you will work with you will now need to sign the documents.  The agent/broker will go over the listing agreement with you in detail.



Step 3 - Preparation.  

Now it is time to have a walk through with said agent/broker if you haven't already.  He/she will most likely have suggestions for needed repairs, decluttering and/or maintenance projects to attend to before listing your home.  You will want to cooperate at this point because it will help in getting the most money in return for your home.



Step 4 - Staging. 

Depending on your timeframe for selling this may be an option that you will want to consider.  It is especially helpful if you have moved on and the property is vacant.  A lot of people have a real difficult time envisioning their life in an empty space.



Step 5 - Photos.

The day your home is scheduled to have photos is a very important time.  This is when your real estate agent/broker will be able to showcase your home to the online community.  Today ninety percent of home buyers begin their search online.  The photos will either attract or repeal potential buyers. 



Step 6 - Open Houses.

This is an area you will need to discuss with your agent.  Some believe in open houses strongly while others feel they are not worth the time.  If your agent suggests you go ahead then make a concerted effort to have your home warm and inviting the day of the open house.



Step 7 - Showings.  

Hopefully, your house will sell fairly quickly and in an ideal world you won't have too many showings, but it is important to make sure the home is presentable and all animals and people are out of the way when a showing occurs.



Step 8 - Offer.  

It is possible to receive more than one offer depending on the market, existing inventory and your home. When an offer comes in it is important to be available immediately.  Make sure your agent/broker has plenty of ways to communicate with you at all times. 



Step 9 - Acceptance.  

Once there has been an accepted offer you are closer to the sale, but there's a few more obligations to be met.  

  1. Loan approval. 
  2. Appraisal will be scheduled.
  3. Inspections will also be scheduled.
  4. Final walkthrough.
  5. Closing day!!


Step 10 - Closing.

Appear at closing.  Sign documents. Thank your real estate agent/broker or better yet, write them a testimonial as that is what will help them service others.