Begin your day with the famous Macy Day Parade.  What kid doesn't love a parade and by that I mean young or old.  This parade has been televised since 1948 and so it has become a staple of many households.  Whether you are rooting for the huge balloons or the Rockettes or any of the famous acts, this is the parade to watch. 


Physical Fun

Gather your clan together and take a walk around the neighborhood or perhaps, a turkey trot.  If you would rather have some fun competition then strike up a game of flag football.  Stuck inside?  Maybe try charades, twister, Wii sports or karaoke.  You'll need to work up an appetite!


Family Tree

You can also encourage the younger children to ask the older folks for some family history.  You could even print out a family tree and have them fill it out together.


Board Games

Don't forget to dust off the favorite board games and have some friendly competition.  There's the old standby's like Monopoly, Scrabble, Game of Life, Jenga, Checkers and Chess.  


Express Gratitude

Have everyone write down 5 things they are grateful for about the person sitting to their right.  Then switch it to the other side and have them do the same to the person on their left.  Whey they've finished they can take turns reading them aloud.