There's an organizing craze happening lately and it is due to a woman by the name of Marie Kondo. She has this show on tv where people invite her into their homes and she shows them how to organize their surroundings. She starts by having the homeowners put all their things in a pile and then they are to sort through each item while asking themselves if each object brings them joy. Personally, I got a little anxiety watching it, but the concept is a good one.

Clutter affects our lives in many ways as does being disorganized. Let's make getting organized a goal this year. It's actually one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions, along with losing weight and finding love, Here are 5 great ways to get started on organizing your life.

1. Create a Cleaning Schedule – Everyone likes a clean home but very few people like a huge cleaning project. Build a schedule which allows you to clean as you go – daily tasks which are quick and easy to accomplish as part of the routine.

2. Pull out the Crock Pot – Planning meals are easy with a crock pot or pressure cooker. Start your evening meal before you leave for work.

3. Enlist Help – Everyone in the household can help out with daily tasks. Hold a meeting and assign each person with tasks and chores that best suit their interests.

4. Set Goals – Create manageable and quantifiable goals and measure the achievement weekly.

5. Prioritize – The most important way to organize your life is to set priorities. Not everything has to be accomplished all at once. Be realistic and start small. Set goals based on what’s most important.