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Interest Rates Predicted to Rise in 2010

by Mayes Harris Team

We all know that the current low rates can't last forever.  It's not a question of if, but when home mortgage interest rates will rise. 

The following article is just one we are seeing about the future of mortgage rates.  In addition to increasing rates, you can expect qualification requirements to continue to be more stringent. So if you are considering a possible home purchase, now may be a better time to move forward with your plan.

Interest Rates Predicted to Reach 6%
Interest rates are likely to rise to 6 percent by the end of 2010, predicted Amy Crews Cutts, deputy chief economist at Freddie Mac.

The end of the Federal Reserve program that buys mortgage-backed securities will drive rates higher because private buyers will demand more return than the Fed.

"Extraordinary resources have been put into keeping the rates down and supporting the mortgage markets and it's hard to imagine that the rates can go much lower than they are," Crews Cutts said. "Anything we get at or below 5 percent is a gift at this point."

Source: Washington Post, Dina ElBoghdady (12/26/2009)

Dave Liniger, Founder of Re/Max in Charlotte

by Mayes Harris Team

Demand Success Today and Tomorrow was the title to Dave Liniger's message. He engaged an audience so that you could hear a pin drop. As agents we want to know how to prosper in real estate sales in today's economy and in the market ahead and he gave us just that.

It is so important for real estate agents to have expertise in short sales, foreclosures, REOs. It is going to be our business for the next several years. Although some folks may think it doesn't affect most certainly affects everyone....absolutely everyone in America.

Liniger has been instrumental in the new guidelines released this week from the Department of Treasury on short sales.

Our team is eager to communicate the knowledge we have gained to our buyers and sellers to make real estate experiences what they should be.....a very fond memory.

Holiday Shopping

by Mayes Harris Team

I'm finding very strange moods while shopping this Christmas season. People seem to be moving in slow motion as if they were in a coma. Maybe it is the economy, maybe it is the sudden cold weather, maybe folks are realizing that it is the thought that counts more than the amount spent on the gift.

Hough High School

by Mayes Harris Team

I am thrilled that we have an opportunity to honor such a great man! Hopefully the 'powers at be' will see that the new high school in Davidson, NC will keep it's original name of...Hough High School.

As a native of North Mecklenburg, I am glad that we are preserving history. My family has been here for over 200 years and my older brothers, Terry and Tim were honored to experience first hand Mr. Hough's devotion to this area.

It is my passion to lift up the ones before us that have made our lives easier. Please tell everyone to support HOUGH HIGH SCHOOL!

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