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Buying and Selling at Same Time

by Mayes Harris Team

Either buying or selling a home can be extremely stressful, it can be even more overwhelming if one is trying to do both at the same time. The good news is that this happens all the time and by following a few simple tips, both buying and selling can be a seamless process.

Tips for Buying and Selling at the Same Time

The good news is that you’re planning to move anyway. Before you list your home for sale, why not start packing now? Take personal items and excess furnishings and pack them up and move them to storage. Not only will your home look larger and neater, but you are also getting a start on the move.

Next make sure your agent, or agents, understand the timeline and requirements. There are many standard contingencies which can protect you from owning two homes at once or none at all. Not only can the purchase of your new home be contingent on successfully closing on your current one but you can also reverse the process and ensure you find a replacement before the close as well.

Finally, get the entire family involved. Be excited about the change and create a moving plan in which everyone has a task and there is a plan for the move itself. By taking a few initial steps, moving can be fun and easy.

The Internet Can’t Replace Your Agent

by Mayes Harris Team











We live in the information age; the Internet offers advice on every topic and real estate is no exception. With more and more home buyers starting their home search online, they are bombarded with advice and information – it can be easy to think that you can learn everything you need to know just by reading articles online.

The truth is your real estate agent does much more than answer your questions and open doors with a special key. A professional real estate agent will be there every step of the way. They have the experience necessary to navigate the complicated home buying process and solve common hiccups that present themselves in every real estate transaction.

Your real estate agent is a local professional. They will start by presenting themselves to the buyer’s agent as someone who will work with them to see the transaction through to a successful conclusion. They have a network of professionals who will work as a team to help you through the process. These include such professionals as lenders, title reps, escrow officers, transaction coordinators, home inspectors, contractors, and handymen, among others.

Most importantly, your agent is your ally in the home buying process. They negotiate on your behalf – armed with experience and understanding of customary charges, costs, and terms. They will ensure that the price you pay for the home is fair for the condition and neighborhood. They will negotiate repairs, if needed and make sure you are protected with the proper contingencies.

The Internet offers lots of great information, but the most important step you can take when buying a new home is hiring a local professional real estate agent. Their knowledge and expertise can’t be found by reading an article or two online.


by Mayes Harris Team

Another page on the calendar has changed and that means it is time for another real estate market update. This month we begin by reviewing Mecklenburg County's February 2019 Stats!

Let's get started with the Median Sales Price in February. If we look back at 2017, we see a median sales price of $235,575. The following year, 2018, that price increased by +14.6 percent to $270,000. In 2019, we came down slightly by -2.8 percent to having a median sales price of $262.500 in Mecklenburg County. More than 2 years ago, but slightly lower than 1 year ago. 

Next, we are going to review the number of New Listings that came on the market in Mecklenburg County in February. We start with 2 years ago, 2017, and see that there were 1,592 new homes that came on the market. The following year, 2018, there was a decrease of -12.5 percent with 1,393 new homes coming on the market. In 2019, however, there was an increase of +4.2 percent with 1,451 new homes coming on the market. 


Next statistic we will review is the February Median Days on Market. Starting in 2017, we saw 14 median days on market and then the following year, 2018, we saw a decrease of -21.4 percent with 11 median days on market. In 2019, we increased to 23 median days on the market. 

So there you have it. A quick overview of what is happening in our local market of Mecklenburg County. If you have questions or need real estate assistance than please reach out to us. We would love to help you!!

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