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Good news about foreclosures

by Mayes Harris Team

I’ve been hearing and reading reports about the foreclosure rates declining across America (evidently rates are at a five-year low), which is good news overall.  It means that Americans are feeling more confident and able to keep up with their mortgage payments, making good decisions, and that the overall real estate market will be on an incline.  Major markets like Baltimore, Atlanta, Phoenix, Denver, areas on Florida’s gulf cost, are all reporting decreases in foreclosure rates, so other areas, in theory, should follow.  This all bodes well for a healthy economy and improvements in real estate.

With this good news in mind, I’d like you to take a moment to reflect on the holiday we’re about to celebrate.  Please give thanks to anyone you know who has served or is serving our country.  Please hang your flag with pride.

Happy Memorial Day!

Handy Checklist

by Mayes Harris Team

I recently saw this handy checklist in the May issue of Real Simple magazine, and thought I’d share it since it contains a lot of the same information I share with my clients.  I love tools like this, and feel that this breaks the process down into manageable chunks: making an offer/negotiating a deal, getting a mortgage, the inspection process, the appraisal process/title insurance, the final walk-through, and last, but not least, the closing process.

Take a look:

Successful Sale!

by Mayes Harris Team

Today I’d like to write about a home-selling success story.  Last month I worked with some wonderful clients who did absolutely everything I recommended to get their home ready to sell:  they did a pre-listing appraisal, a pre-list home inspection, painted a few rooms to make some cosmetic improvements, and followed our exclusive system.  We listed their house on a Friday, and on Saturday we had 5 showings, one of whom made an offer.  On Sunday, we received another offer.  On Monday, I helped my client negotiate a deal, and we went to contract in 48 hours!  We recently closed, and I’m still wrapping up a few details, but the synergy between this client and me was fantastic.  This is a great example of how a house can sell in this market, if recommended measures are taken.


Here is some more information on North Stone:

North Stone is a well-established, planned golf course community ( located 20 minutes north of Charlotte in Huntersville, North Carolina.  This P.B. Dye golf course is on 237 acres of challenging, fun terrain.  In addition to great golf, the North Stone Club offers a dining room, four pools, 3 plexi-pave tennis courts, a children’s play center, a picnic area, summer camps, junior golf and tennis clinics, and swim team and lessons.

Located off a country road surrounded by horse stables, white fences, and pastures, living in North Stone feels like being out in the country while still being close to Downtown Huntersville and charming Davidson.  It’s convenient to Uptown Charlotte, Lake Norman, I-77, the hospital, schools and shopping.  The neighborhood itself features gorgeous brick homes, with many cul-de-sacs offering more privacy or bringing neighbors together.


Mother's Day Chocolates!

by Mayes Harris Team

Mother’s Day is a very special day for me.  My mama is doing great, and I’m the mother of two wonderful kids.  In honor of Mother’s Day, and to show appreciation for my wonderful clients, we offered up a gift box of chocolates for them to enjoy.  With the help of the fabulous owners of Davidson Chocolate Company, John and Sue Elliott, we gave out boxes of chocolate to honor all moms and our clients.  I hope you all had a fantastic Mother’s Day!


More great recipes!!

by Mayes Harris Team

Yesterday we hosted another fun open house for brokers at gorgeous lakefront home in Denver.  Chef Jill Dahan did another fabulous demonstration of some different, easy and very delicious recipes and Christina Stephens of Decante LLC paired the food with some really great wines.  Thanks to Chuck Wingo of NewBridge Bank for offering up his mortgage services.

I almost have all of the ingredients to make the chocolate coconut tarts from our last event – I have the coconut oil, but I am still on the search for whole dates.  I’m told I can get them at Earth Fare in Huntersville and the Healthy Home Market in Davidson.  I look forward to making these at home.

Here are the recipes from yesterday's event, so you can give them a try!  The pita and feta nachos are the best!

No Cook Sushi

Makes about 4 long rolls

2 cups cauliflower heads

1 tbsp. extra virgin coconut oil

1 tsp. rice or coconut vinegar

1 tsp. coconut sugar (optional)

Nori seaweed wrappers

1 avocado sliced thinly lengthwise

1 lime juiced

1 cucumber sliced thinly lengthwise

¼ cup crab or tuna meat (optional)


Grind the cauliflower in a food processor or blender to a rice-like consistency.  Heat the coconut oil and sugar (if using) until dissolved, adding in the vinegar at the end.  Mix the oil mixture into the cauliflower rice and set aside.  To make rolls, lay a sushi wrapper on a cutting board, shiny side up, and spread the cauliflower mixture over the wrapper thinly leaving a 1-inch border at the top long end of the wrapper.  Toss the avocado in the lime juice and lay the fillings in a single line across the bottom of the long end of the wrapper opposite the side with no cauliflower mixture.  Wet fingers and roll tightly from the filling end wetting the top end with some lime juice and pressing together to enclose.  Leave to set about 15-30 minutes before slicing across the roll with the sharpest knife you have to make individual slices.

SSShh… don’t tell anyone it’s not rice and they will never be the wiser!

Feta and Tomato Greek Nachoes

4 whole pitas

4 tbsp. olive oil

1 tbsp. dried thyme

1 large garlic clove, peeled and whole


1/2 lb. sweet grape tomatoes

½ cup of jarred sundried tomatoes in olive oil  

4 oz. feta cheese crumbled

3 tbsp. chopped black or green olives (optional)

 basil and thyme leaves to garnish


Roast halved tomatoes in a single layer at 325 for 30 minutes and remove.  Open pita breads, cut into wedges and place in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake at 350F for 7-10 minutes until toasted and lightly browned.  Remove and brush insides with olive oil and rub with garlic clove and sprinkle with thyme.  Place in a single layer on an ovenproof serving platter or plate and sprinkle with tomatoes, feta, and olives. To serve heat at 350F for 3-5 minutes just until warm.  Garnish with leaves and serve warm or room temperature.

Lemon and Lavender Tartlets

Makes 1 large tart or 20 mini tartlets

Lemon tartlets are bound to make everyone’ s mouth water!


2/3 cup whole wheat or sprouted wheat flour

3 tbsp. coconut oil

1-2 tbsp. coconut sugar

2 tbsp. cold water

½ tsp. dried lavender blossoms


1 cup Greek yogurt

½ cup fresh lemon juice

¼-1/3 cup coconut sugar

2 large eggs


Place all the crust ingredients in a processor and pulse just until combined.  Add in water and pulse till just together and then place in between parchment paper sheets and roll out to leather thickness.  Cut into discs for mini ones and press into mini muffin pan or press mixture into a 9-inch pie pan.  Combine all filling ingredients in a blender and chill at least 4-5 hours for even tart setting.  To bake, pour chilled filling into unbaked tart cases and bake at 350F on bottom rung of oven for 10 minutes for mini ones or about 20-25 minutes for 1 large one just until set but still wobbly in the middle. Remove from pans, cool, and serve room temperature or slightly chilled.

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