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Back-to-School time is upon us!

by Mayes Harris Team

Today I sponsored a breakfast and luncheon for the teachers and staff of Bailey Middle School at Birkdale Country Club.  Giving back to my daughter’s school is really important to me, and I continue to be impressed by the high quality of education and dedication of the teachers and administrators there.  Chad Thomas is Bailey’s new principal and the students, teachers and parents are in for a great year under his leadership.  Here’s a photo of some of the wonderful teachers.

Here is the link to the school supply list for Bailey:

My son will be starting Kindergarten at Davidson Elementary School this year (I can hardly believe it!).  Here’s Davidson Elementary’s school supply list:

We are so lucky to have such great schools in this part of Mecklenburg County.

For all of you with kids, have fun getting ready to head back to school!

Concerts on the Green: Rusty!

by Mayes Harris Team

On Sunday, August 19, one of my dear friends, Rusty Knox, will be playing with his band on Davidson’s Town Green, as part of their Concerts on the Green series.  His family and mine go back so many years, and I am really happy that he has had so much success with his music.  He’s so talented – the lyrics of his songs really come from his heart.  The musicians he plays with Dwight Burks (who plays many instruments), Gregory Miller (plays the bass), Brian Burton (drums), Adam Moore (drums), and Mike Orlando (mandolin) are really something special.

The Concerts on the Green series is another part of Davidson’s community that makes this town such a special place to live.  Here’s more information on Rusty at  Be sure to set out your chairs on the green early in the day to reserve your space! 


Buying A Vacation Rental

by Mayes Harris Team

Did you go to the beach this year and wish you could go more often?  Have you thought about buying a vacation rental? 

With rates and prices still low, jumping in to the vacation rental market as an investment can make sense as long as you know the place is one you'll want to return to year after year and you can collect the amount of rental income you need. Take these steps to make sure.

Size up the market: Some vacation-rental markets might be on the cusp of recovery, which might not be reflected in sales prices.

Assess the rental prospects:  The average rental for a vacation property is 19 weeks per year, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get that much action.  Is the rental near tourist attractions?  Is it decorated in a way that will attract renters?  These are all things to consider before buying.

Figure out financing: Many vacation homes are bought with cash, but that does not mean that these types of investments are only for the super-wealthy – check out your financing options.

Add up all the costs: Besides mortgage, property taxes, insurance, homeowner association dues, utilities, and maintenance, you may need to knock at least 15% off your rental income for a property manager.

We love our property at the beach.  If you are interested in learning more about vacation rentals in North Carolina or South Carolina (the two states where I’m licensed), or anywhere else, I can match you up with an agent that specializes in the area.  Please just give me a call – it’s all part of my concierge service.



Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3




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