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The Mayes Harris Team of RE/MAX Executive once again welcomed back the faculty of Davidson Elementary, Bailey Middle School and William A. Hough High School. We love hosting these welcome back luncheons with giveaways such as flash drives, pens, calendars, lunches and more every year!! It is our way of paying it forward to some of the most important people in the community who have an awesome task of molding our future generation.

We thought we would share our experience through these videos we created. The first video shows the first two luncheons. One was with William A. Hough High School on August 16th and the other was with Bailey Middle School on August 19th.

The last one we hosted was on Thursday, August 22nd and that was for the Davidson Elementary faculty.

We really LOVE this part of our job and it is something we continually look forward to.

Market Report Update: Mecklenburg County's July 2019 Stats

by Mayes Harris Team

It is time once again to take a look back at yet another page on the calendar. This month we begin by reviewing Mecklenburg County's July 2019 Stats.

Let's dive a little farther than this starting with the Median Sales Price in July. If we look back at 2017, we see a median sales price of $264.900. The following year, 2018, that price increased by +3.4 percent to $274,000. In 2019, we increased again by +11.3 percent to a median sales price of $305,000 in Mecklenburg County.

Next, we are going to review the number of New Listings that came on the market in Mecklenburg County in July. We start with 2 years ago, 2017, and see that there were 1,764 new homes that came on the market. The following year, 2018, there was a decrease of -3.7 percent with 1,698 new homes coming on the market. This year, 2019, there was a slight increase of -+1.0 percent with only 1,715 homes coming on the market.

The next statistic we will review is the July Median Days on Market. Starting in 2017, we saw 8 median days on the market and then the following year, 2018, we increased by +12.5 percent to 9 median days on the market. In 2019, we increased by +33.3 percent to 12 median days on the market.

So there you have it. A quick overview of what is happening in our local market of Mecklenburg County. If you have questions or need real estate assistance than please reach out to us. We would love to help you!!

How To Lower Closing Costs

by Mayes Harris Team

Closing costs help facilitate the sale of a home and both buyers and sellers pitch in. Some closing costs can be paid before the home is officially sold and others are paid at the end.

However, closing costs aren’t set into stone and they can be negotiable. You can ask your real estate agent or lender with help in estimating your actual closing costs. Look over everything to make sure all the numbers are right and then you plan accordingly in how you’re going to lower them.

Loyalty Programs

Some banks offer assistance to buyers when they use them to help pay for the purchase. It’s a way for a bank to reward loyal customers.

Closing at the End of the Month

Schedule your closing at the end of the month so you don’t have to pay the per diem interest for so many days.

Get Multiple Quotes

Get estimates from different lenders because you’re looking for the best package of closing costs and interest rates. There might be something better out there.

Junk Fees

There may be some fees a lender charges that may be negotiable, such as origination fee, processing fee, or application fee. Make sure to ask if what you are being quoted is the best they can offer.

Title Costs

Sometimes title insurance and settlement are bundled together. You may be able to find a title and settlement company that is less expensive.

Negotiate With the Seller

You can try to negotiate with the seller in paying for some of your closing costs. Buyers can ask for credit or to cover lender expenses during the offer and negotiation process.

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Offer Stand Out

by Mayes Harris Team

If you’ve been looking for a new home, finding the right one is exciting. Now that it’s time to write the offer, however, you might be wondering what you can do to make sure the seller is impressed with your offer. Of course the easiest way is to offer cash significantly over asking price, but fortunately in the real world there are still great ways to ensure the seller takes your offer seriously and improve your chance of acceptance.

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Offer Stand Out

1. Pre-Approval Letter – A pre-approval means your lender has done their due diligence and has all the documentation needed to close the loan.
2. Contingency Removals – Certainly you should not remove any contingencies which could put you at risk, but the contract is full of some which you can safely remove. Consider removing or shortening contingency periods to provide peace of mind to the sellers.
3. Sell Your Home First – One red flag is the buyer who needs to sell their own home before closing. Sell before you write the offer whenever possible.
4. Escrow Period – Working with your agent, offer a longer or shorter escrow period based on the seller’s moving needs.
5. Win-Win – Show the seller that you want to create a win-win. Negotiations are part of a home sale, but avoid seeming unreasonable or demanding.

While price is always important to the home seller, there are other valuable concessions or offers which can mean as much. Work with an agent who views the transaction as a win for all sides and learn what’s important to the seller before you write the offer. By accommodating their needs as much as possible, you are more likely to have your offer accepted.

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