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Davidson Elementary School Hosts A Parent Seminar On October 6th

by Mayes Harris Team



   Parents and community members:                     

  • Do you know how to offer parental advice for a bullied or cyberbullied child?


  • On average, today’s children spend 10 hours per day online – do you know where?


  • Your child is part of Generation Z – what does that mean for you? Tips will be offered for parenting Generation Z children


  • Generation Z Kids and Cyberbullying: What Families Don’t Know Will Hurt Them. 


  • When Tools Become Weapons: Technology and Cyberbullying


If you are a parent –or a parent of a child with technology – or know a child with technology –   This meeting is for you!   Spanish Interpreter will be available.

Davidson Elementary School Gym

October 6, 2015 – 6:00 – 7:00 pm (doors open at 5:30)


A Parent Seminar to address the questions listed above and more related to issues our children face today. We respectfully request your consideration to attend this most important Parent Seminar to bring you up to date in the world your child lives in. Feel free to invite a friend from your neighborhood, house of faith, or community groups. Respectfully, no children. This is an evening for adult conversation; we hope the advance notice will allow child care to be arranged for your children.



Panel members for the seminar:

Officer Phil Geiger, Davidson Law Enforcement & FBI Cyber Crime Task Force

Arlene Berkman, Founder and Director of Foundation for Respect Ability

Erika Guy, Education Specialist and Program Director for Foundation for Respect Ability

Mr. Sid, Director, performer, song writer for Foundation for Respect Ability

Mr. Dana R. Jarrett, Principal of Davidson Elementary School, Davidson, NC


For our Spanish Speaking Friends -

Los padres y miembros de la comunidad:                               


  •  ¿Usted sabe cómo ofrecer consejos a los padres para un niño intimidado o molestados?
  • En promedio, los niños de hoy pasan 10 horas al día en línea - ¿Usted sabe donde?
  • Su hijo es parte de la Generación Z - ¿qué significa eso para usted? Consejos se ofrecerán para la crianza de los niños Generación Z.
  • Generación Z Niños y Cyberbullying: ¿Qué familias no saben les hará daño.
  • Cuando Herramientas Házte Armas: Tecnología y Cyberbullying

Si usted es un padre -o uno de los padres de un niño con la tecnología –

o conoce a un niño con la tecnología – Esta reunión es para ti!  Intérprete español estará presente.

Davidson Gimnasio de la Escuela Primaria
06 de octubre 2015 - 6:00-19:00 (puertas abren a las 5:30)


Un Seminario de Padres para abordar las preguntas anteriores y más relacionada con temas nuestros hijos se enfrentan hoy en día. Solicitamos respetuosamente a su consideración para asistir a este Seminario de Padres más importante para lograr que al día en el mundo a su hijo vive. Siéntase libre de invitar a un amigo de su barrio, la casa de la fe, o grupos de la comunidad. Respetuosamente, sin hijos. Esta es una noche de conversación de adultos; esperamos que el aviso anticipado permitirá el cuidado de niños a organizar para sus hijos.



Los miembros del panel para el seminario:

Agente Phil Geiger, Davidson Aplicación de la Ley y del FBI de Cyber Crime Task Force
Arlene Berkman, Fundador y Director de la Fundación para la Capacidad Respeto
Erika Guy, Especialista en Educación y Director del Programa de Fundación para la Capacidad Respeto
Sr. Sid, director, actor, escritor de la canción para la Fundación para la Capacidad Respeto
Sr. Dana R. Jarrett, directora de la Escuela Primaria Davidson, Davidson, Carolina del Norte

The No. 1 Financial Challenge Of Residents of N.C.

by Mayes Harris Team

Recently, GoBankingRates' 2015 Life & Money Survey revealed the number one financial concern of every American by the State which they reside in.  Here's a link to the article - Here's The No. 1 Financial Challenge of Americans in Every State.  

You can guess which State piqued my interest and if you guessed, North Carolina, then you are correct! The number one financial concern for our residents is "Sticking to a Budget." Would you agree with that choice or would you have chosen one of these instead?

  1.  Saving up an emergency fund.
  2.  Paying off credit cards. 
  3.  Planning for retirement.
  4.  Paying for higher education.


Those were the other choices offered.  Let's stick with the option that most residents in our State chose, which was "Sticking to a Budget."

Here are some wonderful articles with tips on how to do just that!

  1. How To Stick To A Budget And Save Money.
  2. Top 4 Tricks To Stick To Your Budget
  3. Sticking To A Budget


Here are some resources for budgeting -

  1. Budgeting Resources By Money Management
  2. Tools And Resources By Dave Ramsey
  3. Budgeting By


The biggest key is not to give up.  If you slip, just like on a diet, get back on the horse and try again. You can do this!!

Bring The Scent of Autumn Inside via Pinterest

by Mayes Harris Team

Pinterest is a platform for everyone who wants to explore their more creative side.  If you haven't joined you might want to.  It is a lot of fun with an abundant amount of information.  Be careful though as your time will fly and before you know it morning has turned into afternoon. 

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year when the leaves start to change color and the air becomes just a bit crisper.  One of my favorites anyway.  Here are some ideas on how to bring that warm feeling inside your home via Pinterest.  Click on the photos below the ideas to be taken to the recipes and crafts.


  • Scented candles are a wonderful addition to the home and provide a beautiful aroma. You can buy them or if you are more ambitious and crafty you can always make your own.  


  • Another way of bringing the Fall scent into your home is by baking.  Don't you love the smell of apple pie and pumpkin bread?  I know I do!!  





  • The last suggestion I have is potpourri.  Have you ever made it yourself?  I think it might be fun to try.   

Possibly Some Great News For Those Living or Moving to the Lake Norman Area!!

by Mayes Harris Team

Yesterday, September 8, 2015, The Charlotte Observer released an article entitled "European Grocer Eyes Lake Norman Site In Mooresville."

The Grocer is called Lidl and it has 10,000 stores in 26 countries.  It is looking to open the first U.S. store in Mooresville, NC. The location of the store is in the beginning stages, but what is being focused on is the following:

MGP Retail Consulting LLC, a real estate affiliate of the German grocer, is seeking a rezoning of 4 acres on Williamson Road for a 36,170-square-foot grocery store, according to MGP’s application with the Mooresville Planning Department.

The zoning board will here the request at 6 pm tomorrow night (Thursday.) The public hearing and vote will be on October 6th at 6 pm at the Town Hall.

According to the article and here's the REALLY exciting part and that is:

As part of its entry into the U.S., Lidl plans to open a regional headquarters and distribution center in Alamance County and create 200 jobs over the next three years, the (Raleigh) News & Observer reported in July."

So Mooresville, what do you think? 


First Things First!

by Mayes Harris Team

So you have decided it is time to move and you start to wonder where should I start?



The first step is decluttering your home.  The more you declutter the better and that means going through your closets, your rooms to check whether or not you can remove some furniture or if it is, for example, a futon, whether you should have that folded up or not.  Have a moving sale and make a few extra bucks.  Here are some more tips on decluttering - "How To Declutter Your Entire Home Going Room by Room."



The second step is to depersonalize your space.  Take down all the family photos and pack them away for your move.  Remove any religious or political material and clean off the refrigerator.  No children's drawings or school activity notices.  You want the people looking to embrace the home as their own and sometimes that's hard to do if you are still making your presence known.  Just consider this a time to pack a few things early.

The third step is to fix anything that is obviously broken.  Sometimes we live with more than we realize. Do you have loose knobs on your interior doors or is the paint peeling on the kitchen cupboards?  Fix those things.

The fourth step is to contact a real estate professional.  You will want that person to go through your home to make suggestions on what improvements should be done to get the asking price you will be seeking and what will also make the process go quicker.  The professional knows because they are out with the Buyers and know what they are saying about homes as far as things which are important to them.  Sometimes Buyers will overlook paint colors and other times of the year they will be more demanding on "move in" ready and so make the connection early with your real estate professional.  If you are in the Lake Norman or Charlotte Metro area then please contact me, Gina Mayes Harris to assist you.


The fifth step is to start looking for that home to move into.  Are you moving out of the area?  Talk with your real estate professional because if they work with a company like I do at RE/MAX then they have experience with out of State referrals.  Again, if you are moving to the Lake Norman or Charlotte Metro area then I'd be very happy to assist you.  Contact me, Gina Mayes Harris.



Finally, make yourself, your kids, and your pets scarce during showings and let the professionals do their job!  This can be a very stressful time or stress-free if you choose your real estate professional carefully.



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