Just because the Fourth of July has come and gone doesn’t mean the partying has to stop!  Have you seen your neighbors recently?  Now is a great time to plan a block party!  It’s a fun way to reconnect with friends and neighbors, meet new ones, and build a sense of neighborhood.

First thing on your list is to get a small committee together to help with the planning.  Then pick a date and a rain date.  Decide whom to invite – just your cul-de-sac, several streets or the whole development?  Invite everyone via flyers in mailboxes, email or evite.  Set a starting and ending time, get volunteers to supply grills, and have everyone bring a dish to share. You’ll have to figure out which houses will volunteer their bathrooms, or if you’ll need to rent a portable toilet.  Check with your town to see if you need a permit for your party, and ask if police can set up road blocks to keep everyone safe.

Recommend that families bring blankets and folding chairs, Frisbees, balls, bubbles – anything that will be fun for the young and old.  Having a few scheduled games for kids is a great way to keep everyone occupied.  Some neighborhoods take up a collection to rent a bounce house and place it in someone’s yard.  Providing music is also fun.

Hopefully this will be the inspiration you need to get a block party set up in your neighborhood!