Pinterest is a platform for everyone who wants to explore their more creative side.  If you haven't joined you might want to.  It is a lot of fun with an abundant amount of information.  Be careful though as your time will fly and before you know it morning has turned into afternoon. 

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year when the leaves start to change color and the air becomes just a bit crisper.  One of my favorites anyway.  Here are some ideas on how to bring that warm feeling inside your home via Pinterest.  Click on the photos below the ideas to be taken to the recipes and crafts.


  • Scented candles are a wonderful addition to the home and provide a beautiful aroma. You can buy them or if you are more ambitious and crafty you can always make your own.  


  • Another way of bringing the Fall scent into your home is by baking.  Don't you love the smell of apple pie and pumpkin bread?  I know I do!!  





  • The last suggestion I have is potpourri.  Have you ever made it yourself?  I think it might be fun to try.