The CES show is a widely sought after event each year because it is an inside look into the upcoming year's best gadgets and technology.  The tagline for CES is "The Future Is NOW" and this show is proof.  Here's a five of the top winners this year.

1. Beolab 90 - Won BEST OF INNOVATIONS: High-performance home audio and video. The launch for this high-end audio and video system is April 13, 2016.  You can, however, get on the waiting list. 


2. Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone - Won BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Portable Media Players & Accessories. A sleek and attractive charging station for your phone and your smart watch.This one is available for purchase now.  


3. Deeper-Smart Fishfinder - Won BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Wireless Handset Accessories. The people who love to fish in beautiful Lake Norman will definitely want to have this gadget. It's a smart sonar that works along with your smartphone. 



4. DietSensor, pioneer in automatic nutrient tracking - Won BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Software & Mobile Apps.  This truly is amazing.  Scan your food for instant feedback.  Here's their description of this product - A tiny molecular sensor that reads nutrients from the cells of food and beverages – with the mere click of a button.  There is early bird pricing if you are interested.


5. ECO USBCELL Rechargeable Battery - Won BEST OF INNOVATIONS: Eco-Design And Sustainable Technologies. This rechargeable battery outlasted the competition and therefore won.  


If you are like us then this just made you curious for more. For the rest of the winners visit here -

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