The first annual Thanksgiving pie giveaway was a huge success!   To thank all of my clients for their business, I decided to host a pie party in the quaint log cabin at Ramah Church in Huntersville the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We gave out 31 pies (half were pumpkin and half were pecan) to about 55 people who came with their kids, parents, grandkids.  We asked that people bring along food to donate to the Ada Jenkins Center in Davidson and we got 8 huge boxes worth – the back of my SUV was full!  My children had a wonderful time, and said they would never forget this experience.  I loved reconnecting with so many wonderful people, who said they enjoyed being able to run in and out to pick up their pies, have some cider and cookies, chat for a while, and get on with their day.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by, and thanks for all the follow-up emails, Facebook posts and other acknowledgements of how “yummy” the pies were – Mayes Harris Realty was happy to be part of your Thanksgiving holiday!

Some of my guests and me


We had quite a crowd!


John and Anna with some of the food items collected.