So you have decided it is time to move and you start to wonder where should I start?



The first step is decluttering your home.  The more you declutter the better and that means going through your closets, your rooms to check whether or not you can remove some furniture or if it is, for example, a futon, whether you should have that folded up or not.  Have a moving sale and make a few extra bucks.  Here are some more tips on decluttering - "How To Declutter Your Entire Home Going Room by Room."



The second step is to depersonalize your space.  Take down all the family photos and pack them away for your move.  Remove any religious or political material and clean off the refrigerator.  No children's drawings or school activity notices.  You want the people looking to embrace the home as their own and sometimes that's hard to do if you are still making your presence known.  Just consider this a time to pack a few things early.

The third step is to fix anything that is obviously broken.  Sometimes we live with more than we realize. Do you have loose knobs on your interior doors or is the paint peeling on the kitchen cupboards?  Fix those things.

The fourth step is to contact a real estate professional.  You will want that person to go through your home to make suggestions on what improvements should be done to get the asking price you will be seeking and what will also make the process go quicker.  The professional knows because they are out with the Buyers and know what they are saying about homes as far as things which are important to them.  Sometimes Buyers will overlook paint colors and other times of the year they will be more demanding on "move in" ready and so make the connection early with your real estate professional.  If you are in the Lake Norman or Charlotte Metro area then please contact me, Gina Mayes Harris to assist you.


The fifth step is to start looking for that home to move into.  Are you moving out of the area?  Talk with your real estate professional because if they work with a company like I do at RE/MAX then they have experience with out of State referrals.  Again, if you are moving to the Lake Norman or Charlotte Metro area then I'd be very happy to assist you.  Contact me, Gina Mayes Harris.



Finally, make yourself, your kids, and your pets scarce during showings and let the professionals do their job!  This can be a very stressful time or stress-free if you choose your real estate professional carefully.