I am often asked what an owner needs to do before listing their home on the MLS. There are several factors to consider in answering that question and here they are.

1. How bad does the home look? Is it an eyesore from the moment you pull up to the moment you leave? If so, then a handy list of what must be done is great to get started on. 

2. How does it compare to other nearby homes on the market? Are other homes outshining your home? In what areas do they level up compared to your home?

3. How is the local real estate market? Is it a sellers' market or a buyers' market? How long are the local Listings staying on the market and what time of year are you listing your home? Is it before, during or after the school year? 

There are a lot of situations where certain fixing up and/or staging a home can play a big difference in what the owners are offered by the buyers. If you wish to discuss this, please contact us today. Let our experience work for you.