Yes, our country is in an economic mess.   Yes, the real estate market is challenging for buyers, sellers, home builders, and realtors. 

I was reflecting where the country is at today with all the major layoffs, business closures and tough economic times on all of our family, friends and colleagues.  No question it is tough times……perhaps greater than several generations remember.  Each of us face different issues, whether it’s a reduction in business, being laid off, money lost in investments or simply less money to spend.  But there is one common label---adversity.

When you look at the history of the American people, we have always risen from the depths of adversity as a stronger nation and individuals. This challenging time will be no different.  Ever wondered how American’s recover from adversity???   I believe the  catalyst for change is fairly simple…..individual leadership by a those who “believe” in themselves and their family, neighbors, and their communities.   While adversity can seem to be overwhelming---

·     It is less personal than we think……we all share in these tough times, so don’t allow it to undermine your self confidence in who you are… we actually discover some hidden talent or strength during challenges…..strengths that will make us more skilled in handling life.

·     It’s temporary…….maybe it doesn’t end as soon we tomorrow or next week, but we know better times will return…..

·     It only invades our personal and family relationships if we allow it………the best treasures in life is our close friends, family and our faith…..and you know what………all these treasures are “free”…..they will be our support for returning to better times


·     It’s what we do individually………we all have a responsibility to do our part.....whether it’s being supportive to others or changing our skills to provide future opportunities for us or our family.


Yes, things are in a mess, but  the “individual” leadership of you and me will  lead us to better times……..not a governmental edict or magical bailout. 


So it is now up to you and me..........