A few days ago, I had lunch at Campania Italian Café and Trattoria located in the old ice house in South Main Square in Davidson.  What a unique space for a restaurant – I had fun reminiscing with other long-time local residents about grandparents getting blocks of ice from this location back in the old days.

We had a delightful meal.  I ordered the Caesar salad, which was large, fresh, and crisp.  Others at the table ordered the pasta fagioli soup, which was full of beans, pasta, and vegetables, seasoned with delicious fresh herbs. The special soup of the day, Italian wedding soup, was full of perfectly-shaped meatballs in a tasty broth.  The paninis seemed to be a big hit -- friends at our table swooned over the quattro formaggi (four cheese) panini, and the Sorrento panini, full of turkey, spinach, asiago and honey mustard was also enjoyed.

I’d highly recommend Campania for lunch or dinner.  It’s easy to find from exit 30, a close walk from town, and next to Restaurant X and Fuel Pizza.