Another page on the calendar has changed and that means it is time for another real estate market update. This month we begin by reviewing Mecklenburg County's February 2019 Stats!

Let's get started with the Median Sales Price in February. If we look back at 2017, we see a median sales price of $235,575. The following year, 2018, that price increased by +14.6 percent to $270,000. In 2019, we came down slightly by -2.8 percent to having a median sales price of $262.500 in Mecklenburg County. More than 2 years ago, but slightly lower than 1 year ago. 

Next, we are going to review the number of New Listings that came on the market in Mecklenburg County in February. We start with 2 years ago, 2017, and see that there were 1,592 new homes that came on the market. The following year, 2018, there was a decrease of -12.5 percent with 1,393 new homes coming on the market. In 2019, however, there was an increase of +4.2 percent with 1,451 new homes coming on the market. 


Next statistic we will review is the February Median Days on Market. Starting in 2017, we saw 14 median days on market and then the following year, 2018, we saw a decrease of -21.4 percent with 11 median days on market. In 2019, we increased to 23 median days on the market. 

So there you have it. A quick overview of what is happening in our local market of Mecklenburg County. If you have questions or need real estate assistance than please reach out to us. We would love to help you!!