Mortgage rates have continued to declineover the  past week, with some local Charlotte mortgage companies are posting 5.0% or less for 30 year fixed.  Fixed 15, 20 & 30 year fixed rate loan products continue to be the choice of today's buyer.  Coupled with lowering rates and a slight decline in home prices  in the Charlotte market, it is quickly becoming one of the best times to invest in your "dream" home or to move to that home which better fits your life style.  Buyers are recognizing "deal" opportunities TODAY.

I believe that as an seasoned real estate agent this is going to help increase the number of real estate closings. As we all know, this feeds our economy. We need that now. It is going to be a positive 2009. We are all entering into the new year better educated with the experiences we have faced in 2008. I'm looking forward to seeing buyers and sellers confidence level increase to make wise investments.

With the ever changing market, buyers must have an educated professional looking out for typically, their largest personal investment. Please let us know what you are looking for so that when the 'very best' deals come available we can act quickly on your behalf. Great deals do not last long. We are experiencing times that we have never seen. Only our parents and grandparents know these times. Let us help you now.