As my family and I roasted marshmallows a few weekends ago, wearing hats and mittens, and then enjoyed a beautiful, warm, colorful weekend a few days ago, it made us realize this warmer weather won’t be around for much longer. As we transition from fall into winter, I thought I’d share some home winterizing tips with all of you.  My friend’s sorority sister, Deborah Snoonian, is the Senior Editor of This Old House magazine, and she provided me with some great tips and other articles for you to read.  This has practical tips like getting your heating system serviced (there’s nothing like waking up to a freezing-cold morning shower!), as well as home decorating and cosmetic tips like properly lighting your walkways and adding shades or curtains to your windows to keep away drafts.  Click on the link below:


Easy Prep for a Warm and Cozy Home,,20428035,00.html


And by the way, take care to avoid the flu bug this season!  Take a look at this video clip from the Today Show, by clicking on the link below:


So take the time this fall, during the warm days we have left here in North Carolina, to enjoy afternoon walks, the beautiful changing leaves, the yummy foods that this season brings, but also, take some time to prepare your home for the winter.