Christmas is fast approaching and for that reason we thought we would contribute some more things to do with the family and a few other related subjects.

Courtesy of Charlotte Parent, we give you their list of Things to Do with Kids in Charlotte.  They have some great suggestions such as visiting the Speedway Christmas, NASCAR Hall of Fame, Star Wars movie for children with special needs at the AMC theaters, Discovery Place in Huntersville to learn about holiday traditions in other cultures, and much, much more.  

Take a look: Things to do with kids in Charlotte.


Do you have kids who are pretty much set with everything they could have or want?  Instead of another toy maybe you should try experience gifts.  This is a great new trend that is becoming very popular and you'll find many examples in the provided article. Maybe save for next year if you are done with your buying, which you most likely are.  Good ideas if you exchange with the cousins even.

Story found here: Christmas Gift Ideas: Giving Experiences Rather Than Stuff


On New Years' Day you'll want to attend the annual walk and celebration of Hogmanay (Scottish New Year) and the First Footin’ Five Mile Trail Race at Historic Rural Hill.  According to the Lake Norman Citizen this has been an extremely hard year with regard to fundraising for the Historic Rural Hill.  So please find time to attend this event if you are able.

Further information: Steppin’ out at Historic Rural Hill on New Year’s Day