There are some things you need to hold on to and some things you just need to let go.  Someone told me a funny story about how he was teaching a bunch of kids how to water ski, and after a long day out on the water, he was spent.  He wiped out and decided to just grab onto the rope one last time, to get a ride back to shore. As he was up on his skis, he realized his swim trunks had fallen down.  He decided sometimes you have to hold on and sometimes you have to let go – after the year and day he had had, he decided to hang onto the rope to get in and “let go” of his embarrassment over losing his trunks.


So, let’s put the negative things that happened in 2010 behind us – let go.  And let’s hang on to our hopes for the New Year.  Warren Buffet predicted a real estate rebound in 2011, so let’s make it happen!  Home inventories will be at a high, which makes it a great time to buy -- more homes will go on the market in early spring.  Builders believe buyer-demand is coming and will start putting more holes in the ground so they will have inventory when demand starts to bloom again.  It’s a New Year – let go of 2010 and embrace the rope in 2011, and all the positive it will bring.