If you are in the situation of having to list your home during the holidays then be rest assured you are not alone.  There are several reasons to look upon this situation positively and here's just a few of them.


1.  This is the time of year when the serious buyers are out.

You have people who are transferring for jobs in January.  Some people have waited until their holiday vacation so they can house hunt together.  Investors are out looking to buy their next project. Also, some people want to purchase before the end of the year for tax purposes.


2.  Homes can look very inviting due to their holiday decor.   

A well-decorated home with neutral holiday decor and lights can evoke warm emotions and when people have emotional ties to a home then they are willing to make a stronger offer. 


3. Holiday scents have a wonderful way of making the space cozy and cheerful. 

Do be careful not to go overboard with scented candles and such, however, cookies freshly baked or a pie just out of the oven is a beautiful aroma upon entering a home.  If you want to really treat the people looking or if your real estate agent is hosting an open house, then you might want to set out plates, leave a fresh pot of coffee, juice or water bottles and a note inviting them to partake.  That time to linger can be an advantage for you but consult your real estate agent beforehand.  


4. There's less competition during the holidays. 

Many people will have taken their homes off the market during the holidays and so with less inventory your home will be more likely to stand out.


5. Neighborhoods look better this time of year. 

Holidays are a time of year when people go for drives just to see the neighborhoods' decorations and Lake Norman neighborhoods definitely deliver an abundant supply of beauty! You'll find wreaths, twinkling lights and garnished trees.  Neighborhoods definitely look their best this time of year.


It is truly a wonderful time to list your home.  Contact me today if you are in the Lake Norman area and have a real estate need. Let my team assist you in selling your Lake Norman  area home.