Photo taken March 20, 2009, Davidson, NC
by Gina Mayes Harris, CRS, GRI
Re/Max Metro

The best part is the leaves will come back and so will the market. Better yet,
the leaves will turn brillant colors with the seasons and the market will keep
changing and growing.

I've been in the real estate industry for 20 years and like most of you, I've
never experienced this 'expensive education' that we are seeing each day. My
nine year old daughter, Anna, participated in an ArtFest at her school and she
took photos from Sept-Dec 2008 of the same tree. She was honored with a ribbon
and we are so proud of her. But the biggest lesson learned, was when she said,
'Mom, the tree is like your work, right now it appears dead, but it's
is getting ready for another wonderful season.' Children speak the truth and I
see HOPE.