Recently, GoBankingRates' 2015 Life & Money Survey revealed the number one financial concern of every American by the State which they reside in.  Here's a link to the article - Here's The No. 1 Financial Challenge of Americans in Every State.  

You can guess which State piqued my interest and if you guessed, North Carolina, then you are correct! The number one financial concern for our residents is "Sticking to a Budget." Would you agree with that choice or would you have chosen one of these instead?

  1.  Saving up an emergency fund.
  2.  Paying off credit cards. 
  3.  Planning for retirement.
  4.  Paying for higher education.


Those were the other choices offered.  Let's stick with the option that most residents in our State chose, which was "Sticking to a Budget."

Here are some wonderful articles with tips on how to do just that!

  1. How To Stick To A Budget And Save Money.
  2. Top 4 Tricks To Stick To Your Budget
  3. Sticking To A Budget


Here are some resources for budgeting -

  1. Budgeting Resources By Money Management
  2. Tools And Resources By Dave Ramsey
  3. Budgeting By


The biggest key is not to give up.  If you slip, just like on a diet, get back on the horse and try again. You can do this!!