Dads and Moms are the two most important people in our lives. We just recognized our Moms and now it is time for our Dads to receive some attention.  Let's show them how important they are to us and our families. Here is a list of things you could do with your Dad in the Lake Norman area.

Watch "The Monuments Men" with your Dad

Catching the movie "The Monuments Men" with your Dad is the best way for you to kick off the celebrations. The event which will be held at Cornelius Town Hall Lawn, near the Catawba Avenue on June 20th, is a must attend for you and your Dad. Simply grab your lawn chairs and have a nice relaxing evening viewing an iconic movie together.

Go Back in Time – Fish for Father’s Day

Remember the good old days when you went on fishing trips with your Dad? Well, it’s time you return the favor and take your Dad for a fishing day in Lake Norman. The Lake is popular for being a hot spot for prized fish catches. Take your Dad and come to Lake Norman for a fulfilling fishing experience re-living the good old days with him.

Spend Time with your Dad, in a Smooth Boat Ride

Boating is one of the favorite past times in the Lake Norman area. Pack you bags and get ready to go on a boat ride with your Dad.  Get ready to spend some quality time with him, where he gets all your attention and time. Hop on one of the many boats for rent in Lake Norman and make sure this Father’s Day your Dad feels really special.

A Father is special and so make sure this Father’s Day you celebrate his presence in your life.