Should you show your house during the holidays or take it off the market?  As you know, I work practically 24/7, every month of the year, so I am happy to show homes during the holidays and I’m happy to keep up with my Listings.

There are a few pros and cons, so let’s review, starting with the cons, so we end on a high note:

It’s hard to keep a home presentable from Thanksgiving till New Year’s Day, due to all the decorations, baking, cooking and gift wrapping.  If you are in the market for a home, many people do take their homes off the market, so inventory can be low.

As for the positives, most homes are festively decorated, making them more appealing to buyers, interest rates are low, homes prices are depressed nationwide, making it a great time to buy.

Take a look at this piece on for more information, but ultimately, if you want your home to sell, keep it on the market.