Re/Max Chairman and Co-Founder, Dave Liniger, gives out his top 10 predictions for the U.S. real estate market for 2012 in this video – take a look!  Here’s some of what he has to say:

  1. We’ll see low interest rates
  2. Home prices will be stable and then rise
  3. We’ll see an increase in home sales
  4. We’ll see a rise in inventory
  5. We’ll have 50% distressed properties
  6. We’ll have an improves short sales process, avoid more foreclosures
  7. We’ll see an increase in rentals
  8. We’ll have 25% investors
  9. We’ll see an increase in real estate professionals

    10. We’ll see an increase in use of social media to find and sell homes

For 14 years, no company has sold more than Re/Max.  I’m so happy to be part of this company.  Here’s the video: