Before you list your home, it helps to know which cosmetic updates will help you sell more quickly and which won’t.   First of all, your home will sell more quickly if its price is comparable to other homes nearby.

For a quick sale, don’t add extras like a home office or a lavish master suite – potential buyers could see theses as “over-the-top,” and might even prefer to add their own extras based on their personal taste.

Don’t go overboard with upgrades – you may end up losing money. A great looking lawn and landscaping are nice, but don’t add an extra patio because you might not get your money back.  For a bathroom upgrade, a new tub or shower will appeal to buyers, but depending on the market, a newly-installed whirlpool tub could be seen as excessive.  Again, the buyers might want to make their own cosmetic changes.

A lot of buyers judge a house by its exterior, so upgrades in siding and wood can make a big difference.  Even a new deck can improve the overall appeal of the home’s exterior.  Kitchen remodeling is also an area where you’ll be able to recoup some of your expenses.

During this market, renovations and upgrades are being discounted, so many of these cosmetic changes are worth the investment.